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Fine FeatherCREATIVE‚Äč

Fine Feather Blog

An ongoing series of entries - some divinely inspired, some not so much.  

However, ALL to keep you up on things of FINE FEATHER!

Alex's Necklace

June 8, 2021

Cats like Pretty Things Too

This is Alexander.  As you can see, he is a big, fluffy orange kitty.  He is the most verbal kitty in the Colony.    I love talking with him.  One evening as I was sorting rocks and beads and  jewelry items for Fine Feather, he was on the counter to help.   All the cats help in one way or the other.  However, Alex was very interested in what was going on so I put a necklace on him.  He seemed to be happy that I had heard him say he wanted to connect to the stones first hand.   

We are just getting started at Fine Feather,  However, I will be  carrying pet collars with protective and beautiful stones soon.   Pets are part of the true JOY in life.  My theory is that they feel and relate to the stones/gems easier than we humans do.   I have learned a lot from my cats.   

On a different note, PLEASE spay and neuter any animal who comes your way.   So many feral kittens in Montezuma County.   I am not up on the doggies, but I am sure it is the same.   

I can't wait to hear the stories of the pets who wear crystals.   I will be prototyping on my 11 cats....  Stay tuned.  Safety of course - you can't send a cat out into the woods with a collar that could hurt them.    The collars are more for dogs and the totems are more for cats.

Fine Feather Classroom

May 24, 2021

Fine Feather is looking for Teachers and Students!   

Fine Feather's classroom is ready.   We can seat 8 students very comfortably with plenty of room for the teacher to demonstrate or 7 students when the teacher prefers to sit.   The type of classes we want to offer are all things creative and personal development related.

Specifically, I am looking for astrologers, numerologists, hand writing analysis, chakra work, aura work, jewelry design, Crystals, Singing Bowls and Tai Chi practitioners.    Really, we are open to anything creative, fun and enlightening!!  Just today, I spoke to a person who will be bringing a class called Wellness 101 which will teach how to rid your home of toxic things!  Looking forward to that.

Please help spread the word.

We have a jewelry making, wire wrap and creative paperwork classes in place with Beginning Beading starting on SAT, June 5 at 10 am.

Wire Wrap made by KLC

May 18, 2021

I truly wish that I had things more together. Tech is job for me.  Getting SQUARE - the credit card processor going, the web page working, the class bookings automated and it just keeps on going.   However, we have so much good going on that I have decided to just roll with "stuff"  not being fully done YET.  

This site will contain a link to SQUARE for booking and paying for classes and our on-line store.   I have to figure out HOW.   I admire all the multitude of people who have already figured it out.   However, we are moving forward.  Please bear with our getting started phase.

We are seeking TEACHERS.   We are offering CLASSES.   We have beautiful things in the store - if what you like is not yet priced - just ask.

May you be of FINE FEATHER.  Thanks for reading and being part of the journey,

FF Advisory Council

March 20, 2021 - SPRING EQUINOX

Today the Fine Feather Advisory Council met at the newly readied Fine Feather location.   We finished painting yesterday!  There were eight ladies in attendance, plus me.    We launched at 11 am mountain time.   We clarified our vision, handled some administrative items, ate some amazing food, and some of us had a mimosa.   I believe one must have at least a little champagne on auspicious occasions.  We also did what a master mind group can do.  The sum of the people's energy, creativity and individual insight takes on a life of its own.  We had ideas as a group that would not have been possible by one person alone. 

THANK YOU my very dear fine feather friends.   Andi Bundy, Barbara Mate, Kayla Koskie, Mitzi Wallace, Margo Lee, Connie Cyperian, Mary Sue Akin.  Connie also brought her granddaughter, Larissa.  It was a really great group and a very fine day.

Our target opening day is MAY DAY - May 1, 2021.

Love u Mother

February 5, 2021

Today, would have been my mother's 93rd birthday.  She was an Aquarius.  She was quite brilliant and loved learning.  She's been gone since the day after Thanksgiving in 2018.  The only things she loved more than gaining knowledge, was my Dad and me. We were lucky.   My mom's name was Dorothy and she was wonderful.   However, I used to get mad at her for not standing up for her own dreams.  Long before I was born, she wanted to finish college.  My dad could not see the practical benefit (he was a Sagittarius) so she did not push the issue.  She just gave up that dream of completing her degree.  My dad was not at all domineering, it was not that.   I think my mother, for some reason, just did not have the drive to push for her big dreams and what could unfold after that.  She cared about others so much; she always put them first.  Kind & caring, yes.   Aware of her own personal true destiny and power, no.  Words of my dad haunt me.   I have heard him quote more than once something along the lines of, "the saddest words - what might have been."   My dad is gone now too.   He died at 94 last year on February 28, 2020.  Between my mother's leaving and my dad's, I faced cancer.  These three things changed me.  Perhaps they forced an awakening.   The idea of our short time on earth became not so theoretical, but brutally factual.   I truly believe that humans should measure their lives in centuries, not decades.   However, since I may be faced with decades (but I can see centuries as a possibility) I HAD to ask myself "am I living my own personal true destiny and power?"   Perhaps not.  That is a tough fact to face.  One thing I discovered when I got sick was the creative side of me was dying.   I had made no time for such things.  I craved creativity almost like we would crave air if deprived of it.  Of course, not that badly but you get the idea.   Creativity touches the soul and rejuvenates the mind.   Thus, I take some very concrete steps to bring Fine Feather - whatever it may turn out to really be, to life today.   Fine Feather is dedicated to my mother.   We have some teachers and the beginnings of a web page.  Come be on the journey with us.